Archives Department

The Archives Department is the institutional memory of the Centre Pompidou. It is responsible for collecting, selecting, classifying and preserving the materials produced by its various departments in the exercise of their functions, and enabling access to researchers. Covering the period from 1969 until now, the legal status of these records are public archives, unlike those preserved by the Kandinsky library, which are mostly private archives.

Access and use policy

The access policy for public archives is laid down in Book 2 of the French Code du Patrimoine (Chapter 3, Articles L. 213-1to L. 213-8). Law No. 2008-696 of 15 July 2008 introduced the principle of the free accessibility of public archives, but certain documents containing confidential material may be withheld for periods between 25 and 100 years, depending on the nature of the interest to be protected.

In addition to the finding aids available online, there are printed finding aids available on-site, and it is also possible to browse the local database on a computer terminal.

In case of a specific request, the Archives Department can provide information by email.

Documentary materials

There is also miscellaneous documentary materials accessible, relating to :

  • Activity reports (1973-present)
  • Budgets and budgetary amendments (1973-present)
  • House journals (1993-present)
  • Flash-info (internal newsletter) (1987-present)
  • Photographs : building of the Centre Pompidou, events, people
  • Press reviews (1971-present)
  • Press releases (1976-present)
Exhibitions and events:
  • Exhibition catalogues (1975-present)
  • Event programms (1977-present)
  • Materials for the public : guides, programmes, leaflets
  • Exhibitions and events posters
Journals and scholarships:
  • Traverses(CCI) (1975-1994)
  • Cahiers du CCI (1986-1989)
  • Bulletin mensuel d'information du CCI (1975-1985)
  • Cnac Magazine (1981-1996)
  • Les Cahiers du Musée (1979 - present)
  • Le Cinéma (1980-1997)
  • Culture au quotidien (CCI) (1978-1985)
  • Publications about the Centre Pompidou
  • Thesis and dissertations
  • Internship reports


How to come to Archives Department ?

Place Georges Pompidou, 75004 Paris

Level -1 (Basement)

Because of its location, access to archives department requires an access badge, or to be accompanied by an authorized person.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday, 9 am – 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm – 7:30 pm


Search form

Through this search form, you can query all the finding aids provided by Archives Department on this website. For more informations on how to use the search criteria, please consult the contextual help bubbles by clicking the " ? " buttons.

Go to the other search form if your research is exclusively focused on the Kandinsky Library.


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